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Coachbuilder +3” Shackle Kit ( Provides 1.75” Of Actual Lift ) Tundra 2007-2021 Including TRD PRO

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Product image 1Coachbuilder +3” Shackle Kit ( Provides 1.75” Of Actual Lift ) Tundra 2007-2021 Including TRD PRO
Product image 2Coachbuilder +3” Shackle Kit ( Provides 1.75” Of Actual Lift ) Tundra 2007-2021 Including TRD PRO
Product image 3Coachbuilder +3” Shackle Kit ( Provides 1.75” Of Actual Lift ) Tundra 2007-2021 Including TRD PRO
Product image 4Coachbuilder +3” Shackle Kit ( Provides 1.75” Of Actual Lift ) Tundra 2007-2021 Including TRD PRO
Product image 5Coachbuilder +3” Shackle Kit ( Provides 1.75” Of Actual Lift ) Tundra 2007-2021 Including TRD PRO

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 Key Features:  

  • Precision... CNC Machined from T6 6061 Billet Aluminum
  • Engineered To Be The Strongest Shackles Available For Your Tundra
  • Designed To Improve Ride Quality And Reduce Bed Bounce
  • Eliminates any side to side flex.
  • Improves Strength While Towing
  • Free Pivot Bushing Design
  • Finished In Hard Black Anodize
  • Made In The USA
  • MFG Ekstrom Design & Fabrication Corporation
  • Works With TRD Dual Exhaust
  • Works with your OE or Any Aftermarket Leaf Pack 
  • Still allows full sized spare to be used
  • Installs in 45-60 mins
  • Compatible With ADS, Bilstein 5100/5160, Fox ,Icon, King, OME, TRD Pro 

 Whats Included ?

  • +3” Coachbuilder shackles ( Pair )
  • Poly Bushing kit with Graphite  ( Rear leaf spring eyelets )
  • Hardware
  • Grease Packs
  • Carrier Bearing drop kit sized for shackles
  • Install Guide


Will I Feel A Difference In Ride Quality and Handling?

YES... And We Guarantee It.

If You Don't Absolutely Love the Way Your Truck  Drives and Handles You're Welcome To Return Your Coachbuilder Shackles Within 30 Days.

How Do I know what Size To Order?

We have a few great tips we use in order to size shackles correctly...

1. Park on a flat level surface, Using your tape measure pull a measurement from the Center of the Front and Rear wheel openings down to the ground or top of tires. "Write these measurement's down"

2. Using your floor jack raise the rear of the truck by jacking up on the trucks tow hitch until you're happy with the stance or at least .750" higher in the rear than the front.

3. Take a second measurement and compare the difference in the two. The difference in the two measurements will tell you exactly how much lift you need to add.


Install Guide:


Coachbuilder shackles and poly bushing: ** TIP, remove the rear lower shock bolts and spare tire before starting the installation , ( TRD Dual Exhaust ) you may also need to remove the rubber exhaust hangers at the tail pipe in order to allow exhaust to hang down during installation. With the truck up in the air and frame supported, lower rear axle until there is no load on the rear leafs (full droop) keeping floor jack in place.  Remove OE nuts on the OE shackles and slide shackles out from the frame rail and leaf packs.


** Using a ball joint press tool remove the OE rubber bushings located in the rear leaf spring eyelets. Separate new poly bushings from steel center sleeves and grease all outer surfaces of each part before installing the new bushings into the rear leaf spring eyelets.  Using a soft hammer tap in each bushing and then the center sleeve. Any grease remaining apply to the outer surface of the bushings where the shackles and bushings make contact.


** Use the second grease pack supplied to coat the smooth portion of all 4 bolts before installing into the shackles. Once the truck is back down on the ground torque to 70 ft lbs and reinstall your spare tire and lower rear shock bolts.


 Carrier bearing drop kit: The Carrier Bearing drop kit will install between the frame support and the top side of the carrier bearing (located at the center of the rear driveline.) OE bolts will be reused with small kit.. Hardware is include with larger kits. Torque spec is 25 ft lbs. and should be torqued with the truck on the ground

 PLEASE READ:    This product normally Ships in 1-5 Business Days but  Due to overwhelming demand for this product we may have delays and do not Guarantee as build schedules vary as well as availability of raw materials  Please note we do not allow cancellations after 24 hrs of placing your order. Thank You!

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