Need Help Designing Your Build?  Put Our Knowledge and First Hand Experience to Work... Call Today, (801).635.4872   Thank you!  ***  Due to High Demand and Material Shortages we are experiencing  a increase in Manufacturing and Process Times.. Additionally, several delivery carriers are experiencing delays due to high demand. Please allow several days for delivery before contacting customer support. We appreciate your patience!

Shipping Information

Delivery Time (Includes Handling Time) Shipping Option Shipping Rate Weight Requirements?
Domestic (USA)
5 - 7 Business Days < 1.0 lb $6.50 0.0 lb – 0.99 lb
5 - 7 Business Days 1.0 lb – 5.0 lb $9.50 1.0 lb – 5.0 lb
5 - 7 Business Days 6.0 lb – 12.0 lb $19.50 6.0 lb – 12.0 lb
5 - 7 Business Days 13.0 lb – 25.0 lb $37.50 13.0 lb – 25.0 lb
3 - 5 Business Days USPS Priority Mail Calculated at checkout N/A
1 - 3 Business Days USPS Priority Mail Express Calculated at checkout N/A
5 - 7 Business Days 1.0 lb – 4.0 lb $24.95 1.0 lb – 4.0 lb
5 - 7 Business Days 5.0 lb – 15.0 lb $34.95 5.0 lb – 15.0 lb
5 - 7 Business Days 16.0 lb – 20.0 lb $34.95 16.0 lb – 20.0 lb
3 - 21 Business Days DHL Express - Discounted rates from Shopify Shipping Calculated at checkout N/A
3 - 21 Business Days USPS - Discounted rates from Shopify Shipping Calculated at checkout N/A

About Shipping Rates

We provide shipping to literally anywhere in the world. For domestic orders (within USA), you can select between shipping option by weight or USPS mail. Your final shipping rate will be displayed to you at checkout, whichever option you choose. 

At special times, we will offer free shipping for selected products. We also have special promotions where items are FREE and all you need to pay is for shipping. Check out our announcement on our homepage or on our social media pages.

About Delivery 

The items ordered will ship as they become available. Once your order has been given processed, you will receive a shipment notification email with an estimated delivery date. This is calculated based on distance from the warehouse location to your address.

Please ensure you provide the correct contact details and delivery address. If you do not receive your products within 6 weeks from the purchase date please email

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